I’m a designer and partner of the Toronto-based boutique design studio Night Shift.

My multi-disciplinary work extends to illustration, animation and photography, in the areas of identity design, packaging, event design, web design, motion graphics, marketing & advertising.

I’ve been working as a designer since 2010. I started my career with internships at Sputnik Design Partners, Upperclass Recordings and Oscar De La Renta, prior to graduating from OCAD University’s design program with a BDes in Graphic Design. From 2013-2015 I worked at J Walter Thompson Canada as a graphic designer & art director, then at Virgin Mobile Canada as a part of their design team. From 2015-2017 I served on the board of directors for Inkubate Art Exchange. In 2017 I joined Natasha McDiarmid to start Night Shift – A boutique design studio located in Toronto specializing in brand & web design.

I’ve always believed that design is the synthesis of practices, and despite working under the title of designer, my work in illustration, photography, art direction, development and animation has always been a fundamental part of my role as a designer.

My work has been featured in publications including Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Zeum Magazine, Lürzer’s Archive and Omit Limitation, and has been awarded by organizations including Adobe, the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, The One Show and the Indigo Design Awards.

I’ve been a part of exhibitions such as the Salon des Inclusivité at Black Cat Artspace, The Drawing Show at Gerrard Art Space, Take Home the Unknown at the South Asian Visual Arts Centre, By the Pound at Sleeping Giant Gallery, Swash & Serif by Ligatures and put on a solo exhibition at Album Gallery, The Isolation of Samuel Morse.

My Work
Night Shift Studio – Brand + Digital Design Studio
Troublesome – Design Shop + Café

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Design is a cultural practice. The context, intention and end result of any design work should be judged based on how it affects people, and how it contributes to our cultural landscape. I believe that all designed material should aim to a cohesive, considered whole. I believe that every piece of design should answer to logic, by either submitting to a practical foundation or subverting one. I believe that design should strive to beautiful, and that the search for beauty is not at odds with any other desirable outcome. And that beauty is quiet, and requires patience, grace, and confidence.

Examples of Beauty

Investigating craft
Committing to a form
Narrative examples of empathy
Virtual bands
Pictorial archeology
Mount Eerie
The high note in The Blood Brothers’ Camouflage Camouflage
Making bad bets
Seeing yourself as alien
Grey sweaters
Stories about foxes
Self-imposed solitude
The vocal melody in the second line of the chorus of Never Recover by The Cardigans