Low Pressure Systems

Last week, an article popped up on Wired about Ello, the social network that for one brief moment looked to be the next shore for Facebook-departees. The article checks in on the site, having once been the beneficiary of a giant groundswell of public attention, that seems to collapse under the weight of it’s own short-lived fame. However, while the world seemed to write it off as a failed coupe against the social giant (myself included), it looks like it’s been doing just fine.

The overarching theme of the late aughts was one of convergence. Where everything in sight was being eaten by the smartphone, the idea of having specialized tools and environments looked like it would be a thing of the past. Now, the pendulum seems to be kicking back. Gadgets and tools are coming out that formerly would have been components of the phone, and smaller, more specialized networks like Ello, Periscope, Vine & VSCO are finding their niche within a context that takes pressure off of the idea of a single entity requires every possible user in order to survive.

So I hope that it sticks around. It’s a cute little network, and now that it’s found it’s audience, I hope it sticks around.