Though it can be used for many things, I believe design should shift culture. Design can be used to sell products. Or to increase conversion rates. Or to persuade an audience. Or to make something easier to use.

But the field of design should be more than that. I grew up looking with wonder at a visual landscape of graphic design, illustration, and video that confused, absorbed, and fascinated me. It’s important to me that I honour the way I was made to feel by that the designers who preceded me. Some say that design matters because it’s not just how something looks, but the way the world looks matters immensely. If that’s something you believe in too, I’d love to talk to you.

The Day the Aliens Came


Inkubate Art Exchange


Virgin Mobile Sticker Pack


Under the Mistletoe

Walmart – Summer Deals

Tim Hortons – Product Photography

Tim Hortons – Catering

Tim Hortons – Camp Day

The Hunter

The Bessies – 2015 Award Show

Tawsh Has Hands


Summer Heat

Smoke Signals

The One Fifty Masquerade


Leopoldo’s Crowd

Joseph & Madame M.



Alzheimer Society

The Isolation of Samuel Morse

Air Canada – Your World Awaits

Air Canada – Rise Above

Air Canada – Corporate Identity

Air Canada – Ancillary Graphic System